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Monday, January 26, 2009

The BEST appetizer ever: 'The Dip'

Here it is folks: the famous and best appetizer/entertaining dish (seriously, it is). It all began about 6 years ago, when my friend & neighbor Stephanie had us over. While she was preparing other dishes, I was watching her daughter and asked what she was making. She replied 'the dip'. Since then I have played with it using different salsas, low fat cream cheese etc. and here is my favorite version of 'The Dip' made with my own Pico de Gallo and LOTS of fresh chopped cilantro.

4 oz. cream cheese (use reduced fat if you wish)
1 avocado
Jar of salsa, pico de gallo or go all out and make your own (Jen's pico de gallo coming this week and is super good for you!)
Fresh Cilantro
1. Cut cream cheese into small cubes and scatter about dish (spray knife with cooking spray to aid it removal of cream cheese).
2. Cut avocado into cube and scatter about dish (see technique here and here).
3. Pour salsa/pico de gallo about evenly covering cream cheese and avocado.
4. Scatter lots of chopped cilantro on top.

Serve with baked chips or pretzel crisps. Yum!


Anna at Hank and Willie said...

yummo--may have to make this for Sunday!

Linda said...

Oh just in time for Super Bowl Sunday! Sounds delicious!

Alli said...

Can't wait to have some!!! : )

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