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Monday, January 5, 2009

Pantry Essentials

I am often told that ‘only you would have that in your Pantry Jen’. Granted, I may have a few items that most folks do not typically have at all times but most are ones that I consider to be ‘Essential’. Go on, run to the store and make me proud. What are some of your 'essentials'?

Frances Janisch
  1. Broths (low-sodium Chicken and Vegetable)
  2. Canned Beans
  3. Canned Tomato Products
  4. Dried Herbs (to be restocked every year & remember that dried are more concentrated). I buy fresh versions that I frequently use (Parsley, Cilantro & Thyme) but the rest are in the pantry.
  5. Flour (Unbleached White and Whole Wheat)
  6. Fresh Garlic
  7. Lemon and Lime Juice (in a pinch, they are great.)
  8. Oils (regular and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegetable )
  9. Onions (I always have sweet and usually red)
  10. Pasta (boxes of many shapes)
  11. Rice (Basmati is my favorite, also have extra long grain)
  12. Sliced Almonds
  13. Soy Sauce (low-sodium)
  14. Sugar (White and Brown)
  15. Vinegars: Red wine vinegar & Balsamic


RebeccainGermany said...

Thanks for the great list! So many times I´ve been unable to do a last minute recipe becasue I didn´t have the basics. I´m taking this grocery shopping with me next time!!!

cousin sarah said...

I guess we really are related, I have most of that on hand as well! Excellent point about spice freshness, it really makes a difference. I have to admit the ones we don't use as much (Jeff loves to cook too) are probably older than a year. Great minds think alike! Love the site keep up the great work cousin!

Anna at Hank and Willie said...

MMMMMm...all that and about a million Penzeys spices, plus too many kinds of chocolate!

Yona Williams said...

I absolutely love cilantro! I add dried cilantro to soups and chicken dishes when I don't have any fresh.

Tangled Noodle said...

I have each and every one of these, although technically, they're spread out in various spots around the kitchen! To your vinegars, I suggest adding mirin (sweet rice vinegar) for when you want a milder flavor, and to your onions/garlic, I am never without shallots. The problem is that I consider so many ingredients 'staples' that if I were given free rein, I'd have to convert the hall closet into a pantry annex!

Anonymous said...

I have all of these--you've made me feel better about my kitchen! :) My rice is regular, so I'll have to try the basmati. I also have several different types of chocolate on hand, as well as refrigerated cookie dough--I'm sorry but that's just a must have.

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