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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Superbowl Snack-a-thon: Kick-off!

'Are you ready to rumble?' Wait, no, wrong. How about 'Are you ready for some football?' I am here today to offer some super tasty alternatives that won't leave you cursing yourself the next day and being drafted as a 'wide receiver'. I will list some here and then post more during the day so keep coming back for more.

Drinks: We know most of you want some beer by late Sunday afternoon so let's get the low down on the light versions here. OK, that is all I have to say except, make some lights spritzers or drink water and save the calories for the food.

Popcorn: Pop some no-butter popcorn and toss on some garlic powder, or a touch of oil and parmesan cheese, maybe your favorite herbs and spices or even some cinnamon and sugar (you may need to spritz on some low fat butter spray).

Whole Almonds: Man, these babies give you the crunch satisfaction. Toast them yourself or simply buy them done for you. You can even find some that are unsalted.

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