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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

VitaTops: A healthy snack?

Get excited! I ran across an ad for these and think I may have seen them in a store but it did not sink in until I stared at the ad last night. A 100 calorie snack that are shaped to look like the top of the muffin (you know, the best part). I am not sure exactly how good they are for you but if you need a quick snack, this may be a good option and will keep you out of the cookie jar. Go here and enter coupon code MCL33YZ9 to get 10% off of your online purchase.

Has anyone tried these?


Finance Foodie said...

I tried definitely tasted healthy (and a bit dry!)

dawn said...

yes, i LIKE them. notice i didnt say LOVE. they are a great alternative snack. high in fiber for those weight watchers.

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