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Sunday, February 1, 2009

FlaxPlus Pumpkin Organic Granola Bars

My favorite cereal by Nature's Path is now in bar form! I was so excited to find these during my dreaded trip to Walmart. I ripped right into one and am quite pleased. As with most bars, they could stand to lose a little sweetness.

This one has 11g of sugars (invert cane syrup) but could easily drop 2g off and still be super tasty. Otherwise, this is a perfect snack to keep in your bag and full of yummies like oats, rice flour, pumpkin and flax seeds and a much better alternative to some of the junk that is out there.


Anonymous said...

Those sound great. You know I love granola bars because I don't eat cereals for breakfast, so I live on the bars :) Will look for it in my store. Thanks!

Anna at Hank and Willie said...

These do sound great. I wonder how to make bars (with the cereal) with the our own taste in sweetness? I'm laying down the challenge for you!

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