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Friday, February 13, 2009

White Chocolate Mousse Mini Pastry-For Lover's Only

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I had to come up with something to share with hubby and the kids so, this is a super shortcut dessert but still lovely and heck, they are so small that you can easily justify eating two, um, or shhhh, three.

Pepperidge farm frozen puff pastry mini shells
1 cup white chocolate chips
2 cups light cool whip (you could go all out and whip up some heavy cream)
1 tablespon grated semi-sweet chocolate (did with knife and block of chocolate)
24 fresh raspberries (ok, I did not have any so I thawed some frozen whole berries)

1. Bake pastry shells according to package
2. Meanwhile, melt chips 1 minute 70% power in microwave, stir, then 20 more seconds at 70% power.
3. Take a tablespoon of melted chips and fold into cool whip to temper. Fold in the rest of the chocolate a tablespoon at a time.
4. Hollow out pastry shells, fill with mousse, top each with some grated chocolate/shavings and a raspberry.

This would be lovely over a glass of champagne. Kiss Kiss!


thegirl said...

Gorgeous picture!

Katherine Aucoin said...

I'm staring at the picture until it's up! = )

Ricardo said...

luv puppy ...definitely a great Valentine's desert, really good, and light .. so no piling on the pounds

Anonymous said...

We feel justified eating 3 for sure!

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Lovely. Happy V day to you!

Tangled Noodle said...

So sweet and pretty - I actually might have all the ingredients already!

Anonymous said...

Lovely dessert! Definitely a winner!

Serena said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! (the decorated cookie). yummmmm these look delicious. I LOVE pepperidge farm puff pastry.

alegna425 said...

This looks so elegant and yet seems so easy to do. I'm definitely making this tonight. Thanks so much.

finsmom said...

Awwww! These are so tiny and cute! They look delish! What a great photo!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture!

They sound a like delicious and impressive-looking, yet very do-able dessert.

Loving Annie said...

That sounds wondl, Jennifer ! I'm going to try and make those.

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