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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eating Well Wednesday - Seafood Guide

As I quickly roamed the frozen fish section of Trader Joe's today with two tuckered toddlers, I grabbed some orange roughy and it made me think about the seafood we consume. We all 'know' that some fish are better for us than others but do we all really 'know' which should be consumed more often as which less often? Lucky for us, Eating Well has done all the research for us. Yes, orange roughy is one of those that we eat infrequently. Luckily, our family favorites are on the 'best' list: shrimp, wild salmon and tilapia. Please read more about the ratings on their website.

Best Choices
Catfish (farmed)
Caviar (U.S. farmed)
ClamsCod (Pacific)
Crab (except king and blue)
Flounder (Pacific)
Halibut (Pacific)
Mackerel (except king)
Mahi-Mahi (dorado)
Mussels Oysters (farmed)
Salmon (wild)
Shrimp (U.S. farmed, U.S. or Canadian wild caught)
Sole (Pacific, English/Dover)
Squid Striped bass (farmed)
Sturgeon (farmed)
Tilapia (farmed, U.S. and Central America)
Trout (rainbow, farmed)
Tuna (canned, light)
Tuna (yellowfin, farmed)

Caution Advised
Crab (king)
Lobster (Maine/American)
Lobster (spiny/rock)
Oysters (wild)
Salmon (farmed)
Sea bass (wild)
Tuna (canned, white)
Tuna (steaks)

Worst Choices
Caviar (wild sturgeon)
Chilean Sea Bass
Cod (Atlantic)
Crab (blue)
Flounder (Atlantic)
Halibut (Atlantic)
Mackerel (king)
Orange Roughy
Pacific Rockfish (Pacific snapper)
Shrimp (wild, foreign)
Snapper (red)
Sole (Atlantic)
Tuna (bluefin)


Mary said...

This is great information to have. Thanks.

Tangled Noodle said...

Thanks for the link! The issues are about the health of our bodies and the oceans so I'd like to see which are good and bad due to overfishing or because of pollutants.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the info! Shrimp and salmon are my faves too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rundown on seafood.

Maria said...

Great info, thanks for sharing!

Dietitian for Hire said...

great post thanks

Annie said...

Thanks for the reminder. I was just wondering about this the other day...

Foodie with Little Thyme! said...

Lobster, crab and scallops? All my favorites? Oh well....

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