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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you know what 100 calories looks like?

A few weeks back I typed 'food and health blog' into google and guess what I found: Food and and I knew immediately that I wanted Judy to be a guest blogger. Judy is is the president of Food and Health Communications, a private publishing company dedicated to "making nutrition science edible." She has a passion for creating healthful dishes that are delicious and easy to prepare and for competing in half-ironman triathlons! To learn more about Judy, please visit her bio.

Food and Health is wealth of information and recipes. There are even newsletters and handouts that you can download for free so head on over and learn more. Judy was gracious enough to send me some great links to share and told me to let her know which post I would like to feature so without further ado: 100 Calorie Snacks - in Pictures

"Take a look at our new poster - 100 Calorie Snack Packs. We were so surprised at the difference in size between the portions of calorie-dense “snacks” like cookies, bagels, donuts and chips, and all of the fruits and nonfat light yogurt. For 100 calories of carrots, apples, grapes, oranges, celery, berries and a banana you get to eat a larger portion than with cookies.
And here is one pic we took for fun - 100 calories of lettuce! Imagine if most people chose that more often than chips! They would not even be able to finish 100 calories of lettuce in most cases.
And that is precisely our point with this poster - which item would make you feel more full? It is not easy to eat just 100 calories of chips - but it is more likely that you will feel full after just one apple which is only 70-80 calories!"

Thank you Judy for guest blogging and educating us about what we should be eating.


Chow and Chatter said...

love the poster what a great idea (as a dietitian) will check out your site

Mary said...

Unfortunately, I do. I also have learned how much time must be spent on the treadmill to compensate for every 100 calories.

Hornsfan said...

The 100 calorie question is a good one - sadly those 100 calorie packs only leave me wanting more...the fruit and veg are such a better alternative!

Annie said...

If you ask me those 100 calorie packs just make me want to eat more. I bought them once and ended up eating one pack after another. Not the point I guess. So I'm better off not having any of that stuff in my pantry. I try to keep all my fruit washed and ready to eat. It does help when you get a sudden urge to binge, which I tend to get a lot :)

Mommy Gourmet said...

Really how many cups is 100 cals of salad?

Nicole said...

It is amazing to see how much more bang you can get for your buck when you eat fruits and veggies:) Thanks for the visual!

CJ said...

Great post...the visuals are helpful when explaining what 100 calories look like...I posted a great pesto recipe at It is more than 100 calories...but well worth the delicious splurge, if you grow the basil in your garden. I am hooked and signed up as a follower.

Bon App├ętit

James said...

anyway in which imagery can explain calories and what this actually means in real terms can only be a good thing.

i try to eat healthily by using my common sense. on the odd occasion i will take some fatty acid supplements such as omega-3 because we're always told we never have enough of it in our diets.

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