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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A visit with Nana & Hurricane Bill

We all know who our children love the most: the grandparents. They come over to play, sometimes bring gifts for no reason, let them eat junk and rarely scold them. Who wouldn't prefer that over parents? My mom was down for a week and a half and we had a blast.

The kids and grandma spent most of their time coloring and playing cars. We also spent plenty of quality time outdoors coloring, playing cars, enjoying the beach and picnics in the park.

We also went to the beach this past Saturday when Hurricane Bill was passing by to see what the waves looked like and to watch the surfers. When we arrived, we could see the ocean was quite swollen. We observed where the 'wet' line was on the sand so that we knew how far the waves were coming in and innocently walked to about a foot behind that area. The kids wanted to chase waves but we warned them.

We marveled at the angry ocean for about 2 minutes when we noted a powerful wave and quickly realized that this bad boy was coming in further than the others. As you can see in this video, we soon turned to run as fast as we could. You will hear me warn then to back up and then they turned to run. What you do not see, is me grabbing my daughter, my husband grabbing my son and then he grabbed my mom. She is mostly blind and has some physical limitations. This man, had a 3 year old in one arm and grabbed my mom and then we both got all three of them away from danger. That water ended up soaking them up to their waists and that was after we had gotten to the paths that lead to the beach.


Mary said...

That was scary. I'm glad all ended well. The ocean can be furious when riled.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Beauty and danger all wrapped up in one little body of water, amazing!

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