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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Few Ways to Afford Organic Food

Unfortunately these days, it seems that the best way to get 'real' food that is not either composed of or covered with chemicals, is to buy organic. Until a larger segment of the population starts buying more of it, the prices will stay a bit above the more conventional offerings. So, with that said, I wanted to share a few ideas (and I have more) on ways you can afford to buy some organics.

photo courtesy of about organics

1. Buy Seasonally. Take advantage of the in-season items as they are more readily available so cheaper to ship etc. Plus, it is a great way to enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. Also, keep in mind that there may be a local farmer/farmer's market and even though their items may not be certified organic, you may find they grow without artificial pesticides.

2. Shop the Subsidiary: What you say? Companies like General Mills have subsidiaries that are now going organic or less junk natural. An example of this is Casadian Farms and Muir Glen. The reason I mention this as an option is that they have the same type of sales and coupons as the mostly junk main product line.

3. Coupons: It is true, you can score some coupons from some great companies such as Stonyfield, Organic Valley, and Kashi

4. Shop the Dirty & The Clean: Here is the most recent recommendations of foods that you should buy organic and those you can skip.

More to come soon.


OrganicTrade said...

Thank you so much for encouraging people to buy organic. In thinking about which organic products to buy, consider this: instead of focusing your organic purchases on a particular group of items, choose organic versions of the products you buy most. Whether that is milk, produce, or personal care products, buying organic will not only help reduce your exposure to harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but also support a system of agricultural management that is great for the planet.

Kelly said...

Great post. I think it also helps to seek out local producers. While most of them are not formally organic certified, many use practices that are less harsh than big conventional farms and do a lot of things that appeal to the more holistic concept of organic farming that's gotten lost along the way like farming sustainably, using crop rotation, etc.

Kelsey B. said...

This is a great post! I agree with all of your ideas, they are wonderful and relevant. It is important for all parent's to understand that it is manageable to buy organic for their families.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Perfect! Love these tips! : )

Rachel said...

In my opinion the best way to afford organic food is to grow it yourself. Even in small spaces, herbs and lettuce can thrive and then you control the quality. :)

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