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Thursday, November 5, 2009

EatingWell Wednesday - Apple Cupcakes

There are times where you want or need to make a little dessert or 'treat' so why not take the opportunity to up the nutritional value? I found this tasty apple cupcake recipe on EatingWell. Now, I actually changed it a bit but I am certain in it's original state, it is fabulous as well.

Since I did not have dried apple or cake flour, I went off on my own. It also came out more like a muffin to me than what I think of as cupcake consistency so give both my version and EatingWell version and see which is your favorite.

photo pre-icing

I omitted the dried apples and used regular unbleached AP flour in lieu of cake flour. If you use this recipe, add 1.5 teaspoons cinnamon so there is more of a cinnamon presence. I found it to have a muffin consistency.

The icing is perfect as is.


Unplanned Cooking said...

I love Eating Well. It's one of my favorite magazines. I'm glad you had success with their recipes. Looks yummy!

Jessica said...

Looks delicious. I love apple cakes and muffins.

Daily Spud said...

Apple-y treats are right up my street, especially at this time of year, so there could well be some apple cupcakes in my near future...

Ana said...

I've never had apple muffins :s... need to give this a try asap!

Chef Fresco said...

I saw this recipe in the mag - looks good!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Oh how I love apple cinnamon muffins! They are one of the foods I miss the most!

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