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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feeding Babies 'Real Food' : eebee's Mix & Mash Adventures

I am all warm and fuzzy inside. Why? You know I love finding a show, publication or educational material that aids to teach parents and children about the importance of eating real & nutritious foods. So I was thrilled when I was sent a draft of the eebee's Mix & Mash book and DVD. The DVD is fantastic and here are the reasons why:

1. eebee: The little ones can watch eeBee having a blast in the kitchen with the 'mommies'. eeBee is engaging because he makes all kinds of noises and is animated. eeBee also helps to prepare the food and is excited to eat it . eBee does not look like a human baby but kids love puppets, as we all know from watching Sesame Street.

2. These folks are flexible: I personally appreciate it when a recipes suggest substitutions: What if baby does not like tofu? Use bananas instead.

3. The recipes: simple yet full of variety: tofu, curry, fruits and vegetables and they even delve into spices, such as curry.

4. Game Playing: The mommies and eeBee play peek a boo, crush Cheerios, and teach shapes with sweet potatoes. I share one of my 'fun' techniques in this post.

Now onto the real value of the book & DVD and some food for thought from the Every Baby Company:
“The growing awareness that “unhealthy food = kids” is changing attitudes and behaviors about how and what we feed our kids, and how and when we educate them about healthy choices.”

Also (and apply this to children, not just babies): “When you feed your baby you are doing a lot more than providing the nutrition to support her physical growth. You are also nurturing her social, emotional and intellectual growth.”

The websites description of the Mix & Mash Adventure Book & DVD:
*The first-ever cooking with your baby book
*Inspired by the playful idea that if you can mash it, smash it, oosh it, goosh it, shake it, coat it or stir it, your baby can participate in the process of preparing meals
*More than a collection of mealtime ideas
*6 nutritious, simple, hands-on recipes
*Written in playful rhyme
*Tasty, tactile, and interactive “cooking” activities and discoveries with real food
*Deliciously color-coded
*Oversize baby board book
*INCLUDES: “how-to” DVD co-produced with Parents TV!

I can see the baby loving to watch the DVD with mom while they try the recipes and yes, even chewing on the board book.

Full disclosure: The Every Baby Company wrote me asking if I would like a copy. Naturally, I am sure they wanted a review but they did not ask nor have they paid me. I am happy to say that I think this is great enough to share with you.


TheFitnessFreak said...

Oh, I wish they had a video like that when my boys were little. It sounds like a really neat idea!

Stephen Gass said...

Jennifer-- thanks for the thoughtful review and for your help in spreading the "word of mom" about eebee, our approach, and our latest adventure...Mix&Mash. We hope you and your community will become fans on facebook, too:! Welcome to the "famileebee!"

Stephen Gass
eeee's adventures

Unplanned Cooking said...

Sounds like a great book. I never knew what sort of food to feed our first. I always felt so overwhelmed. Now with our third I just feed her whatever the boys are eating mashed up. I wish they had a book like this back when our first was born! Then maybe he would have been exposed to more tastes and become a less picky eater.

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