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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Martha Stewart Blog Show - Part 1

Where to start? I have so much to share with you. It was a whirlwind trip to NYC all for the purpose of attending the Martha Stewart ‘Blog Show’. First of all, I will share how the trip came to be: A Tweet. Yes, a tweet that said something about ‘to apply for tickets to Martha Stewart’s Blog Show, go here’. I did a double take.

I applied and heard a few days later that I was in and could bring a guest. My guest was to be the hubby, ‘Mr. Dom’, but we could not workout the schedule so I called my friend Kim. I was thrilled that she was going to be able to make it (she would rarely would miss a trip to NYC anyway).

The acceptance email was fully loaded: many questions (maybe to see if we are in fact worthy) and details: when to arrive, where, the technology that we must bring and the requested attire was dictated:
*Please dress to impress
*A chic dress, dressy jeans, or trendy and fashionable outfits are suggested
*Bright colors photograph best; recommended: Solid Bright Attire/Dress shoes/heels.
*DO NOT WEAR: Black, gray, tan or any muted colors, T-shirts, prints, logos, hats, or sleeveless tops.

Our plan was to arrive in NYC Wednesday night and attend a TweetUp. I was super excited to meet some folks I had not met yet as well as catch up with others. During the tweetup, we got so hungry and since it was taking 20 minutes just to order a glass of wine, we ran across the street for some pizza. It was a mozzarella and tomato with a 'circle' of pesto on top. It was heaven.

Does it look like I am wearing a Bumpit?

At this tweetup, I was able to spend some time with Colleen of Fresh Vintage (and her lovely sister Erin). She is super funny and we were able to add to our adventures, the first being stalking Tim Gunn at Blogher. We returned to the tweetup and ended up meeting this super funny man who I thought was eyeing my purse. Well, I thought he was but turns out, he wasn’t. Apparently, he works for Honora pearls so I assuming that some sort of package full of jewelry will be arriving next week.

We turned in for a good night’s sleep and woke up eager to grab some Starbuck’s and head to the studio. I was thrilled to meet two fabulous food bloggers as soon as we got in line: The Sophisticated Gourmet (Kamran) and In Jennie’s Kitchen (Jennifer). As we were ushered in, we were given tickets with secret codes that indicated where we were to sit. It was obvious that we were brought in so early so that there was ample time to shop in the MS store. I was tempted.

Once we were ushered in, there a such an adrenaline rush. You can see everyone working on the kitchen and in her set. The music was pumping and soon, Joey Kola was out there giving us some rules, tips, reminders and asked us to all tap into the Wi-Fi networks and make sure there were no glitches. I was thrilled to be sitting in the front row but soon learned it was the ‘Non-VIP’ section and that the place to be is in the first 10 rows on the middle section. I did not really care. I tweeted a bit abut biting the camera man if he did not come over. I guess it worked a little as I am told I was on camera for 1 second before a segment.

First up on Martha was a casual chit chat with her daughter Alexis (hiss), Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt(hilarious), Chez Pim (YES!) and two other bloggers that were approved stalkers of Martha’s. We watched Martha and Pim make Pad Thai and smelling it was heaven….except we did not have any. However, we did get a copy of 'The Foodie Handbook'. Then we watched Martha teach stalker #1 how to frost a cake. There were many cakes on set but none were sliced up and shared. Finally, there was a craft segment where Martha presented Stalker #2 with a basket of her new cleaning products. Finally, Martha took a few questions from the audience off camera.

The highlight had to be when Martha, asked about her shoes, tossed her limber leg up onto the table and showed off her 5-inch Yves St. Laurent (on sale she stated) and let us know that the trick to wearing them is the extra lift on the front of the shoe. I borrowed these photos from Fresh Vintage.

Get your fill with all 3 Whrrl stories

Up tomorrow, the food that followed and the conclusion of the trip….stay tuned.


Ms. Sarah said...

sounds like you a had a great time sweets. Oh for true ny pizza again. sc does not have good ny pizza

Michael Schechter said...

You are too funny! It is going to take a lot more than letting me stalk you to get the free pearls a flowin' :) Great meeting you when you were in NYC and glad to see you enjoyed Martha!

Kamran Siddiqi said...

It was sooo nice meeting you! Thanks for the mention... I have yet to finish editing all of my photos... I should be done by tomorrow afternoon!

And you are too funny! They were sooo stalkers! And I can't believe Martha admitted to having a bad recipe. I thought that was pretty cool of her to do... Makes her seem more human than all perfect and stuff...

Great part I! :)

Mary said...

You do realize I'm living vicariously through you :-). This sounds like a fabulous experience. Can't wait to hear more.

Amy from She Wears Many Hats said...

Fun stuff. I'm sure I could've found a bright colored shirt to wear - maybe there'll be a next time.

Erin (Colleen's sister) said...

Hi Jen - I loved meeting you and Kim in NY-- You two are so much fun. Tell Kim that I visited her website and i am COMPLETELY WOW-ED! She is truly talented. I hope that we can meet up again at some point, but until then, i will stalk your wonderful blog:)!

Donna-FFW said...

Call me grinch, I am green with envy. You could have called me to come with you, Im only 1 1/2 hours from NYC, maybe less:)

Lucky you, cant wait to read the remainder.

Toni said...

I never even heard about a blogger show :( That sounds SOOO fun!!! Glad you got to be a part of it.

Trish said...

Looks like you had a great time! How cool to be on the Martha Show!!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Looks like fun... I would love a pair of those shoes :) I'm always taking grief for wearing stiletto heels everywhere.

iJulz said...

"Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt"

TheFitnessFreak said...

How fun Jennifer! I can't believe her shoes were that big!! : )

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