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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mushroom, Ham & Peas Alfredo ‘Baked’ Potatoes

Here is another example where some leftovers or a review of the fridge/pantry can result in another great meal. Normally we are not big Alfredo sauce eaters however, the sauce came with the package of Newman's Own goodies for the Family Bites program and this is what I created.

Honestly, I as a bit skeptical as to how the flavors would come together but I loved the result. In fact, it was so good that I wanted to share the recipe with you as a reminder to experiment and to use potatoes and miscellaneous items to create a quick, economical and tasty meal!

In fact, empty the fridge and create a potato bar tonight!

Ingredients (Yields: 4 servings):
4 large potatoes
1 teaspoon olive oil
4 oz mushrooms, sliced
4 oz ham steak, diced
½ cup frozen peas
1 cup Newman’s Own Alfredo Pasta Sauce (or a light version if you can find it)
Chives, diced, optional

1. Place potatoes into a large microwavable bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Place in the microwave for 8 minutes. Using a knife, pierce the potato. If it is still firm in the center, microwave another two minutes

2. Preheat pan to medium high with 1 teaspoon oil. Add the mushrooms and ham steak and reduce the heat to medium. Sauté until mushrooms and ham until browned.

3. Reduce heat to low, add the Alfredo Pasta Sauce and peas and allow to simmer gently until warmed and thickened.

4. Pour the sauce over the Potato and top with chives if you wish.


DailyChef said...

Ham and peas go really well with alfredo! I've never used it over a potato before though. Yum!

merry jennifer said...

When your post popped up in my Google Reader, I just HAD to click through. The combination of flavors really piqued my interest. This dish sounds like a fantastic idea for what to do with leftovers -- but I really could go for your exact version. In fact, I DID just buy a big bag of potatoes...

boliyou said...

Sounds really good!

Chef Fresco said...

Does look tasty! I would have to look for the light version - do they make that?

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