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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Journal for Daddy

My husband had to go away on business for week and we wanted to show him what we did while he was gone so we decided to make a picture journal.

We started by gathering supplies: Construction paper, our craft projects, a hole puncher, yarn, glue stick, scissors and markers. We then printed some image/photos on 3-hole paper (we had bought it by mistake) although you can print on plain 85. x 11 and use a hole puncher. We then placed the papers in chronological order and flipped them over.

We then cut three pieces of yarn, approximately 8 inches long. One by one, we looped them through each hole and tied them into a little bow. Dad was touched by our little story book.
Do you remember making books like these when you were little?

More photos are shown here the Whrrl Story 'A Welcome Home Book'


Fresh Local and Best said...

This is a fun book to tell a good story of what was missed over the weekend. It was great to meet you! I hope we can reconnect again soon.

Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

I love this!
My kindergartner this year brought home a 'mom' book similar to this for mother's day... I should totally take photos of it.. what a great idea! :)

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