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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Fancy Food Show - NYC 2010 Part I

Last Year, I went to the Fancy Food Show and walked out shell-shocked as I had no idea how big it was. I quickly realized that there is a reason this event is three days and that you need to attend the entire three days if you want to go to most booths.

Therefore, because I only had one day, I looked at the entire list of exhibitors and decided to try to go to certain natural/organic or kids/snack focused booths. With that said, I also accepted that I would also be distracted (chocolate) and so just enjoy and stop where ever I want. Below are the booths I visited as well as some photos of displays. Part II will include photos with the bloggers I met.

Steaz Tea
Herbal Water
RAAW Beverages

Pirate Booty
HINT Water
Effie's Homemade
Lake Champlain Chocolate
Olivia's Croutons

Danielle Chips
Glow Gluten Free
Corazonas Foods
Vermont Butter & Cheese

Eden Foods
Cabot Cheese
Wholesome Sweeteners
Honest Teas

Moo Kids Chocolate
Sexy Gourmet Foods
Late July
Vosages Chocolate

Food Should Taste Good
Fontera Foods - Yes, Chef Rick Bayless has a line of foods now. I was hoping to catch him in person as I had met him at blogher last year (although he may have thought of me as a stalker had he recognized me). I was told I just missed him but a while later he walked by and made eye contact....I will assume he remembered me.
New England Naturals
Hodgens Mills
Somebody's Mother

Sweetleaf Stevia
Good Housekeeping
Dancing Deer
YogaVive Chips
479 Popcorn


Chic Cookies said...

SO jealous. Wish I was there!!!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Oh, I wish I could go!!! You have all of the cool events available on the East Coast. What a wonderful opportunity Jennifer:D I'm very envious, have fun!!


Lisa said...

I went and it was so much fun! Rick Bayless was cooking when I stopped at his booth. Can't wait to read your next post. Love all the products they had.

Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

This looks like so much fun! Can't wait to read more about it!

Sandy said...

Looks so interesting!

Love this post. Great to meet you, too!


A Busy Nest said...

I would have loved to attend that show! YUM!

Mommy Niri said...

Oh man, this would have been so fun. Most of those companies are on my fav list.

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