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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scottsdale & Thermador

Today I am heading to Scottsdale, Arizona to preview Thermador’s new Steam and Convection Oven. This is the first big event that I have been invited to and I am looking forward to meeting some other great bloggers, doing some cooking and putting the appliances to the test.

Naturally, it will be over 100 there but it has been here in Rhode Island as well so with AZ having 'dry' heat, it should feel cooler there.

To get my day going, I had some coffee and oatmeal and plan on bringing a banana oatmeal bar with me. Now, I am getting ready to go and for extra baggage, I am carrying Mommy guilt on my back.


The Food Hunter said...

sounds like a great event..have fun.

Kelly said...

Say hi to my friend Sarah (@PhillyBurbMom)!

Have fun!

TheFitnessFreak said...

Oh how fun Jennifer! Just know that alone time makes you a better mommy. The kids will miss you but everybody needs to be missed now and then : )

My McDonald Meal said...

Looking forward to hearing more about this event and this cool new appliance! Have a blast!

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