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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Parmesan Black Pepper Cracker Heartache

I drooled. I dreamt. I craved. I finally made them and oh, the fabulous smell but, but, why must my dreams be shattered upon tasting? What am I talking about? Ina Garten’s Parmesan Black Peppers Crackers. I saw her make these many months ago and for some reason, I thought of them the other day and ran to the pantry for the few ingredients. I waited in anticipation. Once they had cooled, I grabbed. I smelled. I salivated. I bit. My eyes darted to my husband’s who had joined me in the experience. We understood each other as soon as we connected: Disappointment (although expectations were very high). I said “Why don’t I love these?’ He gave the perfect explanation: 'You can taste every ingredient individually'. Could I have not blended enough? Frooze long enough? No, I followed the directions exactly. I ran to the reviews and saw that although most gave a 4 star rating, they were not thrilled with various componets (texture, taste, etc.) however, the recipe, with some tweaking, could be fantastic. I will try again!

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