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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where oh where did my Tropicana go?

Daughter at Gymnastics. Check. Mental list of groceries. Check. Son snapped into cart. Check. Ok, off to the orange juice section. I am there….but where? Where? WHERE is the Tropicana, pulp-free, family sized jug?! Look again Jen. Calmly. Any standard sized cartons? Nope, I just see a ton of some new generic company. Did Stop & Shop sell out decide to only sell their generic? Look for employee. Don't bother, just look again. Oh my goodness! All those generic bottles ARE the Tropicana. Why would they do this? I am no designer but I do not like the new design. I will slowly adjust but I miss my orange with a straw-it stood out before and now their cartons just blend in. I guess they are going for the minimalistic look. Thank goodness the taste did not change. What do you think?


Janina said...

I initially thought the same thing about it be a generic brand! Didn't anyone think this would be too plain? Maybe they are getting back to basics. Simple is good.

queenoftheclick said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the box this morning. I couldn't believe they made the orange juice container so generic.

Holly said...

Guess I'm the oddball! I love the clean design - it's so modern! They got rid of the visual noise. = )

dawn said...

I think its nice to see the so called 'generic' label. seems they are not spending so much on marketing. does that mean the price for the o.j. is lower?? doubt it.

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