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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Disney Food Report & Travel giveaway!

Congratulations to The Fitness Freak who commented: "Thanks for the tips Jennifer! Our favorite travel spot: Yellowstone, of course :)"

I realized that I have never updated you folks regarding the food we took to Disney World and what was worth taking and what was a bust. So without further ado, here is my report on the snacks we packed.

What was worth packing:
*Sesame Seeds
*Bars (not ones with lots of chocolate or caramel drizzle as they will get to sticky in the heat)
*Powdered milk was great as we brought a plastic quart container and then kept it in the mini-fridge
*Cheese sticks
*Cereal (in vacuum bags-go ziploc!)
*Carrots (so great to have a veggie to snack on in the hotel room)
*Oatmeal packets (use hot water from the coffee pot in room!)
*Whole almonds (as held up well to pressure)
*Jerky: they can really hold up to pressure, heat etc (read more here)

What I will not bring again:
*Bananas (we packed them in a box but still got bruised up and disintegrated quickly)
*Crackers were OK but only if you have sturdy container (we had a qt. container to make milk in)
*Lunch Meats as too concerned about keeping them cold
*Dried cranberries as easyily smashed up in your bag pack
*Chocolate milks were great for the kids but get heavy so if you do not have to worry about weight AND you can protect them from puncture-go for it)

Speaking of Disney, we are lucky enough to have a great giveaway for all of you sponsored by and I enjoy the Disney Family website as one of the many great features on the site is a list of “Cities on a Shoestring” where parents can find inexpensive or free activities to do in cities around the country. The site also includes tips for hassle free air travel, videos of popular family destinations, and safety travel tips.

Disney is offering an “On the Road with” kit to one lucky reader! The kit promises to keep children comfortably entertained during car or plane trips this summer and will put an end to the dreaded “Are we there yet?” questions while allowing families to share their favorite family vacation destinations. The travel kit includes a plush kid size travel pillow, a copy of Dr. Seuss’s There’s a Map in My Lap, a travel game kit, notepad and pen and adorable tote bag (a $30 value).

Also, make sure to visit Disney Travel to help with all your vacation planning needs as the site provides a unique resource for parents providing a combination of expert reviews, parent recommendations, and age-appropriate points of interest for family-friendly destinations on any budget.

To enter to win:

*Leave a comment about your favorite family vacation destination spot. The winner will be announced on July 1st.

For additional entries you can do the following:
*Tweet about this contest: "Trying to win a Disney travel kit @savorthethyme

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NatnElliesMom said...

Wonderful tips. As veteran travelers to WDW with children, may I add that there are two wonderful grocery delivery services that specialize in delivering to the Disney Resorts. We have used Garden Grocer twice and have always been more than pleased! We have all of our snacks, water bottles, breakfast foods and fresh produce delivered to our resort. Bell services will hold them in their fridge until you can get them or have them delivered to your room.
Much easier than trying to pack food for airline travel!
This is also great if you need diapers or wipes. They take up so much room in a suitcase!
Also- WDW resorts have mini-fridges available upon request.

Chow and Chatter said...

Italy the Italians were great with babies, great tips, I learn so much from you Rebecca

Anonymous said...

What a neat giveaway! Our favorite family vacation so far was definitely Ireland.

Sylvia said...

I love Disneyland. Its the best place ever! I acctually have a family trip planned there in Early Augast.

Pamela said...

We usually end up visiting family and then do short trips to local attractions. We also love Florida.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks for the tips Jennifer!

Our favorite travel spot: Yellowstone, of course:)

Ashley0408 said...

We love visiting Florida. This would sure help out on those long car rides :)

cmp said...

I love Califonia!

cmp said...


Blessings From Above said...

We love Hilton Head!!! Great family beach.

Sippity Sup said...

Hi! I got nothin' GREG

mandemhamm said...

Our favorite family vacation spot is definitely the Florida Keys in the spring. The weather is always perfect (upper 70's), the ocean is so calm and warm, and the atmosphere is very casual and especially kid friendly.

Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy said...

Disney in Orlando is our favorite family vacation spot. I went there with my parents and loved taking my son for the first time!

gahome2mom said...

We like going to Helen, GA and seeing the waterfalls.

gahome2mom at gmail dot com

Maria said...

we love the panama city beach every summer and gatlinburg for thanksgiving every year!

Tyson said...

If I can get there, easily Martha's Vineyard- hands down. Enough beaches, parks and recreation to keep people entertained and having fun (hi to Jane!)

EllyBean said...

We enjoy visiting the Oregon coast!

ellybean (at) connected2christ (dot) com

Buggys said...

My favorite place to go is hands down Disney Wold...Love it! Though last year we, along with all kids, sisters, husbands, grandbaby, went to Deep Creek Lake (MD) for an extended weekend. We had a blast, can't wait to go back.

TamaraG said...

I'm still adding new destinations but our two favorites so far are the Beaches Resort (we went to Jamaica). All inclusive, family friendly, and the little ones love the Sesame Street characters. Also just went to Hawks Cay in the FL Keys and they were very family friendly with a pirate pool, mini golf, hammocks, kids clubs, dolphins, family villas, and more.

Laura said...

Denali but it's in my backyard! We are going to Disneyland in November. Thanks for the food tips.

rebecca said...

We love to go to Canada and also to Cedar Point! We head to Ontario every summer to visit family.

gitrecca at gmail dot com

Sarah said...

We don't have a favorite per se, we like to go to new places. Always aim for places with water. We are headed to disney next month so I enjoyed your packing/don't pack list.

myfourkids said...

we love camping - camp KOA is a favorite spot of ours :)

Anonymous said...


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