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Monday, July 13, 2009

Lil Kids in the Kitchen - Beach Eats Snack Mix

Summer has finally arrived and it looks as if it is here to stay so we are hitting the beach each week. It also leads to choosing foods that are not sticky or perishable. I mean, I do not know anyone (minus 1 yr. olds) that enjoy sand in their food so while thinking about snacks to pack, I came up with a make your own snack mix.

I tossed some items out on the table and let them place what they wanted into a snack bag. The overall favorite was the combination provided below.

2/3 cup organic multigrain square cereal
2/3 cup organic honey nut O's
2/3 cup organic raisins
1/3 cup salted sesame seeds

Toss well and munch.

Try putting these out as well: almonds (sliced or whole), dried cranberries, peanuts, mini chocolate chips, pretzels, cheese, we have lots of experimenting to do.


TamaraG said...

I'm always curious about healthy moms' cereal selections. No one in my house is a big cereal eater so the cereal aisle is very intimidating to me between organic/natural cereals that are still high in sugar, balancing low sugar and high fiber, finding something that actually tastes good for us. I've bought so many and thrown them out. What are your favorites and what do you put first when choosing a cereal?

Mary said...

I've noticed with my grandchildren, that they do really well with healthy treats when they're in a baggie.

Annie said...

I love these homemade snack mixes. They are much more nutritious than anything you could buy already prepared "in a box"!

TheFitnessFreak said...

I have tons of healthy treats in tupperware and my boys mix and match for yummy snacks as well:) Good choices!

Tangled Noodle said...

I love your healthy kids' snacks . . . for myself!! No little ones of my own but these are just as good for big kids.

This reminds me: we were at the zoo this weekend and I told the hubs that the main characteristic of such places is the trail of Cheerios, animal crackers and assorted little kid-snacks scattered throughout the grounds!

Veronica said...

Even my big kids like snack mixes like this! When I pick a cereal I usually look for fiber content first then sugar content. Although I've been known to sneak a bowl of fruit loops every now and then!

Felicia said...

YUM! Sounds delicious!

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