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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mamavation is here and I am a cheerleader!

I know many of my readers may not be checking out my site as a weight lose guide but I do know that you are interested in healthy food and lifestyle. Therefore, I wanted to let you know about a great new venture that I am a part of called Mamavation. This newest venture from the creator of of which I am a contributor.

Mamavation is a social experiment and weight loss campaign on Twitter. Mamavation is an opportunity for one mom to change her life and create a healthy lifestyle for her family.

The Mamavation Mom will be selected from Twitter. The one other requirement is that she have a blog, but the primary focus will be the impact the campaign will have using Twitter as its primary medium. Moms on Twitter will have constant access to the Mamavation Mom’s progress by monitoring the hashtag #mamavation. Supporters can talk about the program, talk to the Mamavation Mom, listen to her on the radio, watch her live on Tinychat during coaching sessions and interact with her on Anyone can sign in and get the same information she will have.

The Mamavation Mom will be supplied with a free team of personal trainers, coaches and a cheerleading squad comprised of fit moms that know what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. They will all be members of She will be challenged and encouraged for two months to make lasting changes in her life. After the two months are over and if her goals are met, she will receive a bevy of prizes and become the first official Mamavation Mom.

The Mamavation Mom’s story will unfold:
· On Mamavation’s official website (
· Daily encouragement and training on in blog posts and groups.
· Making her first appearance on the MomActive Radio Station on July 31st at 11am
· With three appearances on MomTV
· Tweeting live on Twitter everyday using #mamavation
· With live coaching on TinyChat with her team for all to hear
· On over 100 widgets on other mommy blogger sites with her bi-weekly “confessional”

Doesn't this sound fantastic? If you or someone you know may be interested, start the application process right now at Mamavation!


girlichef said...

That's a really, really cool campaign!! I wish I had the motivation (clears throat..mmmm...mmm...courage) to enter. But I do not. :D

Sugar said...

I absolutely love what Leah and Fiona are doing! They are going to inspire so many women to look and feel their best!

Chow and Chatter said...

let me know if you need an RD I actually wrote this yesterday but its not here strange?


TheFitnessFreak said...

Sure wish I was a Twitterer. I've yet to get a fancy phone:) I feel very out of the loop!

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