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Friday, July 10, 2009

Lil Kids in the Kitchen: Cookbooks for the Kids

Have you ever noticed that kids will get more excited if someone else has something or someone elses mom made a certain snack or meal? or even if a character or cartoon looking person is eating something? I think this applies when it comes to cookbooks as well. I say this because my kids have gotten some cookbooks and they love to flip through them and point out what they want to make. And it is usally being held by a funny looking dog or some brightly colored cartoon kid with some funny look on their face. It is a great way to get them excited so I thought I would share some of my favorites. You may wish to pick one up or check it out from your local library first.

The Rachael Ray yum-o is the latest one that my mom bought us and although I think it is target ed towards kids that are over 5, my kids have enjoyed some of the silly names and there are some simply tasks that the littlest can assist with (stiff things, tear herbs etc.). I do find a few of the recipes to high in sugar but heck, modify any of the recipes to your needs/dietary beliefs.

Who hasn't heard of Annabel Karmel? I used her books when making some baby food and have enjoyed her 'Toddler CookBook'. I have found the recipes to be fun and tasty and although I do not really go all out making food into fish shapes etc., some of you find your kids need that type of enticement.

Another one is from the classic icon Betty Crocker, titled 'New Junior CookBook'. I have not yet seen this book in person but requested it on interlibrary loan. I have flipped through it online and I must say, the caricatures remind me of 'fairly oddparents' so that should interest some of your kids instantly. Do any of you own this book?

Please share some of your favorite kids cookbooks and the reason why you enjoy it so much.


Get Real Girl said...

I purchased The New Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook in May. We have only made about 5 recipes so far. My kids are pretty picky eaters, but there are a lot of recipes that they want to try because of the pictures. Of course they want modifications, "Can you leave out the broccoli?" LOL. I think it is a great cookbook.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Great suggestions! I have the BH&G book and my youngest LOVES it! He sits there and says, "yum,mmmmm, yum!":)

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