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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pork Chops with 1 minute Salsa Verde

Getting ready for BlogHer is taking me more time and energy than I anticipated and so I am in need for my meal prep to be even quicker than usual. I knew I had purchased pork chops for Monday's dinner but that is it. No more thought had gone into sides and prep.

I opened the fridge doors and saw a field of green: parsley and cilantro from the garden, a lime, half a jalapeno, a tomatillo and off to the side, the greens on the head of cauliflower I had bought Friday....I also noted a scallion that would soon turn green if I did not use it soon. Okay, plan was made in seconds. I would roast the cauliflower and the chops simultaneously. The minute before removal, a green salsa would be created by a mini-chopper. Oh, what for a starch? I had some leftover multi-grain penne.

Picture this: I noted that 2 minutes were left on the oven timer so I grabbed all the items noted above plus some garlic and oil and went to work. Now, this is a rough salsa verde, what do I mean? well, you could nicely chop and mince all the ingredients together and gently stir them in a bowl but here is the 'Momma has lots to do method':

Peel the tomatillo, cut in half, toss into mini-chopper bowl (use a green pepper istead if u wish)

Rip the leaves off of the herbs (I would say 2 hand fulls of each) and toss them in.

Cut the sides off of the jalapeno (did not want the rib and seeds as hottest parts), toss in.

Cut a lime in half and squeeze the life out of it (seeds did not go in: say about 2 tablespoons of juice)

Grab 2 cloves of garlic, skin them and threw them in the bowl

Poured about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil into the bowl

Tossed in the half scallion

Pulsed a number of times until I thought it was good enough.

What do you think? Not precise enough? well, sometimes you have to wing it so relax and heck, it may not have be the prettiest but gosh, it was fast, easy and tasted great!!

Since my daughter ate all of the cauliflower except for 3 pieces the rest of us shared, I have no photo and will share the recipe another time.

UPDATES: There is still time to enter the Ice Cream Social Challenge ,this is the last day to enter Mamavation and tomorrow ends the Summer Fun Giveaway!

By the way, BlogHer: keep a look out for me: the smiley one with a bunch of sweet pamphlets & coupons from Earth's Best. Can't find me: tweet me @savorthethyme and I will let you in on my locale.


Mary said...

Enjoy! Take copious notes. The salsa verde is great for such short prep time.

TheFitnessFreak said...

Necessity is the mother of invention, great idea!

Annie said...

Great ideas!!

Chow and Chatter said...

have fun

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