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Monday, January 18, 2010

Butternut Squash Polenta

Two weeks ago, I went to dinner with my friend Kim (my comrade in the Martha Stewart adventures) and we both loved the sweet potato polenta side dish. From then on, I was determined to try making some myself. While I was at the store, I saw a 'tube' of prepared polenta and came home all excited to give it a try.

Yes, I have some corn meal so I could try to make it myself but one step at a time. My plan was to make sweet potato puree however, I found myself devoid of any so grabbed some squash puree from the freezer. You can find it boxed and labelled as either 'Winter Squash' or Butternut Squash' in the freezer section.

This was quite easy to make and I look forward to trying to make it all from scratch as well as adding different spices and combinations. My husband thought it needed more flavor so I added the paprika and cheese. I was shocked that my picky son was so eager to eat some and yes, it is all gone.

Box frozen butternut or winter squash
1 'roll' of prepared Polenta, cut into chunks
A few ounces of Parmesan cheese
A few shakes of paprika

1. Place the frozen squash into a pot over a medium heat. Continue to stir and when about half melted, add the polenta and mix well.

2. I then used a potato masher to blend them together and add the paprika and Parmesan cheese. Mix well, season to taste and enjoy.


Barbara @ Vino Luci Style said...

Sounds good to me - I recently made some Butternut Squash Risotto which was a unique take on something I love and really enjoyed the addition of the squash, so think I'll have to try this too.

I did use fresh squash...but only because Costco had it available already cleaned and cubed. Frozen would work for me...thanks!

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Amazing! Love butternut squash, but I never thought to add it to polenta. what a great idea!

Online Healthy Diet Meal Plans said...

I love sesame squash polenta. I'm wishing I had a nice big of these right now!

TheFitnessFreak said...

You're right, that would be a good one to try with some sweet potato too. I'll keep it on my list!

Deb said...

i am scared to say this, but it sounds pretty easy. and yummy!

Lissy said...

I make something similar, but with pasta instead of polenta. This sounds better!

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious, polenta and squash are 2 of my favorite foods, so together they must be amazing!

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