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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feta, Pecan & Apple Salad

I was looking forward to having some 'long lost' family over on New Year's Day and realized after all the meal prep, that I had very little that would fall into the 'Vegetable' category. I literally, threw this salad together in 3 minutes.

Anyone know how to get Blogger to stop turning my photos sideways?

Mesclun Mix (organic)
1 Red Delicious Apple, thinly sliced
Package reduced fat crumbled Feta
a cup of whole Pecans
Toss and serve with your favorite dressings.


Esme said...

I thought you did this intentionally-not sure what to suggest there. However Penlope is open to playdates. We could have a household full of kitties in their palaces. The house is too small for her brother. I am waiting for him to get stuck in it-half in half out-she has been inside the entire day.

Happy New Year

The Food Hunter said...

I love feta and pecans mixed in a salad

Joanna Sutter said...

Mmmmm! I eat my share of veggies all year round and noticed a big difference when I was on vacation and didn't eat as many. I was hungry and a bit lethargic from filling up on not-so-good-for-me side dishes.

I love your simple salad suggestion...not to heavy and not too light! Thanks!

Amanda @ High Impact Mom said...

There is nothing I like more than a Feta, nut, and apple salad. ob had to threaten me to get me to lay off while pregnant. Pair it with a balsamic and I'm in mouth is watering now.
As for the picture thing: Move on over to WP and that oughtta fix the problem for ya :)

MichellePC said...

This salad sounds light, easy, and delicious - although lately I've been more loyal to goat cheese than feta. With the pecans and apples, goat cheese would work well on this salad, too!

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