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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plimouth Plantation & Saving the Rain Forest

Spring has finally arrived here in New England and we wanted to spend some time outdoors and since we were planning on visiting relatives out of state anyway, we decided to spend the entire day in Massachusetts. I went to and I found that we could get a Buy 1 Get 1 admission to Plimouth Plantation for only 5 points. I could then also donate points to the 'Save the Rain Forest' program to round out the 6-9 points that I had allocated to spend this weekend.

Plimouth Plantation: This is a bicultural museum, offering personal encounters with history built on thorough research about the Wampanoag People and the Colonial English community in the 1600s.

The kids were fascinated by the 'houses' of the time, the farming/food resources and the kindergartner was in awe of all the physical labor that children had to do. And touring the Mayflower II was a hit as well. We then enjoyed sitting the the grass and enjoying the Cape Cod Bay. The finale was learning about the Plymouth rock and tossing coins at it.

Save the Rainforest:
Tropicana has teamed up with on a special project in the Ashaninka Corridor in Peru. They are securing forest once held by logging companies and opening it up to rubber tappers and harvesters of forest produce, helping the Ashaninka tribe to manage the forest resources sustainably and to protect the rainforest and its valuable store of carbon.

You can donate any number of points that you wish. We donated 3 today which equals 100 sq. ft. of rainforest rescued.

I want to encourage all of you that use Tropicana products to register online so you can enter codes and take advantage of this fabulous program.

Use the code MOTHE-RHOOD within 6 hours of registering for Juicy Rewards and you'll get one extra bonus point worth $5 in savings immediately! To get your bonus point:

1. Go to
2. Set-up your Tropicana Juicy Rewards account (just takes a minute!)
3. Visit the "Enter Codes" page within the site and get started with MOTHE-RHOOD

**This one-time use code is valid for new accounts ONLY. Must be entered within 6 hours of creating your account.**

Disclaimer: I am a Juicy Insider Ambassador with . I am compensated with both points and for redeeming the points. However, I have been ringing up plenty of points on my own because I am a Tropicana OJ drinker and look forward to the many points I will be accruing and using this year.


Anonymous said...

We love Plimouth plantation - so much fun!

boliyou said...

This is on our "outside Rhode Island" list of places to visit.

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