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Friday, March 26, 2010

True Lemon - A great addition to my Pantry

Back about a year ago, a friend wrote me asking if I had heard of True Lemon. She told me it is a crystallized lemon product that she used in her iced tea and that it did not contain anything artificial. I went to the website and requested samples and had not even tried them when a package full of True Lemon and True Lime showed up.

My friend was so excited that True Lime was now on the market, that she sent me full sized packages. Honestly, I usually try to use either fresh lemon and lime (plus, I love citrus peel in my food as well!) or I have the bottled stuff hanging in the fridge. However, I did lots of experimenting this week and I am hooked. I have been using it in fish, sauce and baked tortillas chip recipes and love it. I also noticed that they now have True Orange. Yippee!

Go here to request samples or to print a coupon.


Rachel said...


I'm always using fresh citrus in dishes and usually have at least 3 limes/lemons and oranges or some sort in my fridge or fruit bowl.

I might look into this ;-)

Jennifer said...

I know, me too. I mean, nothing like fresh citrus and so it took me a long time to even try this. Then I was out of lemon and lime-uh-oh. I thought for sure it would taste nasty and fake but you reconstitute it (or I used dry on bake chips) and it tastes great. Think about requesting the free samples

The Diva on a Diet said...

I've always been curious about True Lemon. I respect your opinion so if you say its good, it must be good. Will def. be looking out for this. Thanks for the tip!

The Food Apprecianado said...

This sounds like a nice back up to fresh lemons & limes. The only thing missing will be the smell of the fresh citrus on my fingertips!

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