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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Series: Envirosax Bags

I have been thinking about little things that one can do to contribute in a positive way to the environment and wanted to share one way that our family helps to reduce plastic waste.

I discovered the website about two years ago and bought the 'Today's Delight'. The item was the Envirosax Reusable Grocery Bags. I use these bags every time I go to the grocery store and trust me, they can take some serious weight.

One feature that I enjoy about these bags are that I can tie the handles together when it is raining and yet still get them on my arm when I unload the car.

The other important feature is that I can toss them into the washer to keep them from getting covered with bacteria. I simply hang them on a door handle to dry.

Do you own reusable bags? Do you use them for other tasks besides grocery shopping?


Mommy Niri said...

I actually just received one of these bags at an event and I swear they are amazing. I never did realize the convenience of tying the handles. The designs are really good too.

Erika said...

our reusable bags carry groceries, library books, picnic supplies, lunches, anything I might toss into a plastic grocery bag (except garbage).

DailyChef said...

I have several reusable bags, mostly cloth. They usually work great, but looks like these are a lot better designed! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

WizzyTheStick said...

Love my reuseable bags. I use mine for shopping, picnics and the beach

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