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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Series: Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Do you focus on including more seasonal and local Fruits and Vegetables in your diet? Why should you and how does that benefit the environment? So glad you asked.

Buying local and seasonal foods helps reduces pollution and gasoline use as there is no need to ship the food across the country. In addition, your money goes to the farmers in your community and your family gets fresher fruits and vegetables.

Personally, we enjoy the fruits and vegetables that each new seasons brings as it encourages us to keep variety in our diet and honestly, don't you look forward to switching it up after a while? We are also excited to be starting our garden any day now.

Below is a great map from Epicurious that tells you what is fresh in your state any given month.

What are some of your favorites Fruits and Vegetables?


merry jennifer said...

What a great interactive map. I haven't seen that on Epicurious' site before. Thanks for pointing it out!

I'm a huge fan of tomatoes, and thankfully, we can get them almost year round in Florida. The only veggie I just refuse to eat is the cooked carrot. Leave it raw and I'll eat it. Cook it - no way.

WizzyTheStick said...

Really great map. Even though it's for the US I still find the Florida section somewhat relevant to where I live

TheFitnessFreak said...

Unfortunately for us in CA they ship all of our produce to other states and give us the stuff from Chile and Mexico. My sister gets CA avocados before I do! I'm so excited that all of the great veggies and fruits are almost here! Thanks for the link!

sweetlife said...

thanks for pointing this great map out..I have many options to choose from here in Texas


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