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Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day Series: 'The New Green Kitchen'

Last week I attended a Webinar hosted by Jackie Newgent, Author of 'Big Green Cookbook'. She shared tips from her new book, including her Top 10 tips for giving your Cooking a 'Greenover':

#1: Select smart Skillets that are PFOA-free and recycled aluminum pans. She recommended Scanpans*: They are non-stick, you can sear, brown and deglaze in them and use any utensils you wish.

#2: Practice eco-cooking techniques such as, placing a lid on a pot and turning the burner off once the water is boiling. Ms. Newgent says this will boil the pasta and reduce energy use.

#3: Think at your sink. Meaning, reduce your water usage

#4: Take advantage of residual value: She suggests you can do some light baking or reheating in an oven after you turn it off, say after roasting an item.

#5: Love your small appliances as they use less energy. When is the last time you thought about using your toaster oven?

#6: Use Energy Star certified big appliances.

#7: Serve Earth-style meals by using fewer bowls and considering prepping and serving in one bowl. Less washing.

#8: Be waste friendly by composting.

#9: Green size-it: Make vegetables the main and largest component of your late and consume less meat.

#10: Enjoy Ecotarian Cuisine by enjoying a diet based on local, fresh, sustainable food and is more plant based. Local = less distance = less gasoline.

What are some tips you can share regarding 'greening' your cooking?
*Attendees are being sent a pan so I will test out these claims in my kitchen.


skylor said...

I love that our community is working towards using the term "green" throughout the whole year so that when earth day comes there is an even BIGGER focus! thanks for the lovely info!

DailyChef said...

Wonderful information. I especially like the idea of turning off the burner once the pot is boiling. Thanks!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

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