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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EatingWell Wednesday - The 'Yucky' Shake & Wake-Up Smoothies

Last week, I tweeted out a question 'What would you like me to make next?' and I had a smoothie request so here it goes: 'My Yucky Shake' story and recipe.

My son and I love bananas but my daughter and husband despise them. I make a simple and yummy banana smoothie that my daughter (and now son) refer to as the 'Yucky Shake'. My son and I love to drink them together and I personally take joy in the fact that I only have to share with one child instead of two. See, when I make the smoothie, it is because I really want one and so it is nice that I usually get some of it when only on child is after me instead of two.

The Yucky Shake:
1 cup of 1% organic milk
1 ripe banana
A handful of ice.

Place all ingredients into a blender, first blend on 'ice crush', then give it a good spin on blend. Once frothy, pour into a cup and gulp, I mean slowly ingest.

Since I was thinking so much about smoothies, I decided that I need to start getting a bit more creative so I headed over to EatingWell Magazine . I found a link titled "Kid-Friendly' smoothies and made the 'The Wake-Up Smoothie' . It was dreamy. However, I thought it was definitely sweet enough so skip the sugar. Also, I used Stonyfield Oikos Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt in the recipe.

What you want more? The head over to later today (I am an editor) for more smoothie information and ideas.


VeggieGirl said...

Haha so cute :-D

Kari Enger said...

Always a fab idea to have your kids name a dish! We have Smooshy Pork Chops at our house. BTW, I'll drink anything that is pink!

Tanya said...

Oh yummy. We're having a "smoothie challenge" this week at, so come on by and submit these pics :-)

TheFitnessFreak said...

I'm with your daughter and husband on the banana thing. I do NOT like them in smoothies. I really wish I did but I just can't : ( I will eat them by themselves or in banana bread though.

Thanks for the link!

bookieboo said...

You are smoothie Queen!

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