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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eating your Words 2010 Round Up

Thanks goodness we have unlimited long distance because Tracey and I have spent hours talking about this challenge: the amazing entries, our excitement, the prize and the judge, Chef Zimmern! We are truly blown away by the creativity and energy you have all put into this challenge.

We plan to announce the winner as soon as Chef Zimmern himself looks at every single one! So hold tight and without further ado, the round-up, Part I

In honor of the New Year, Smita shows off her amazing talent and joy of playing with food! ( WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 12 ) TOMATO N BEET SOUP WITH FLAVORED SAVORY INDIAN CRACKERS by Smita (#2), Little Food Junction.

Carrots, Beans & Fusilli Pasta create 'words' that express her gratitude to her teachers: (HAPPY TEACHERS DAY) , VEGETABLE RICE N PAPAD WITH SALAD by Smita (#3), Little Food Junction.

Leela of She Simmers needed a creation that would unify the cultures of her guests and offend noone, so as inspired by the sweetness of honey when she created BAKED SPRING ROLLS WITH SPICED HONEY-NUT FILLING

Pie + cupcake + 4 year old cuteness = Amazing BANANA CREAM PUPCAKES by Joie de Vivre, Joie de Vivre: An Amateur Gourmet’s Guide.

Natasha of 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures spotted 5 ripe bananas on her counter and decided to skip the standard banana bread and thrill the family with the BANANA SPLIT

Phyllis and Kris of me_HUNGRY took this fruit known for it's potent scent and turned it into an amazing dessert that would tempt even the biggest scaredy-cat with BLACK RICE PUDDING WITH DURIAN CUSTARD & DURIAN COOKIE LETTERS: A DESSERT FOR DURIAN HATERS (AND THE UNINITIATED) !


Malou from Skip to Malou put her thinking cap on and headed to her art lab (a.k.a. kitchen) and came out with this amazing 'burger' titled BURGER OUTSIDE THE BOX

Now this is the way to get my attention! Maybe I will use this idea to write 'Please' to my husband before I mention going to the mall. CHOCOLATE SWIRL BARK by Phyllis (#2), me_HUNGRY!.

Egypt's answer to American Chili...kind of, sort of.....learn more about EGYPTIAN KOSHARI by Dee, Texas to Mexico.

Have your drink and eat it to! GUINNESS CUPCAKES WITH BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM FROSTING by Jeanne, Simple Math Bakery.

You will never look at Ritz Crackers in the same way again: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY FAUX MINTS by Kathryn, Crafts and Creations with KMOM14.

Shirley was determined to to how us why we should play with our food more often a did so by spelling out her blog name GFE - Gluten Free Easily using HONEY-SWEETENED CORN MUFFINS

Wine & Chocolate = INSIDE-OUT EGGS by Aiofe, The Daily Spud. Find out how this brilliant creation came to be from one of our alumni's.

JELLY BEAN DIVA by Diva on a Diet from Beach Eats has made me crave jelly beans so badly that I may throw a diva-worthy fit if the Easter Bunny does not bring some.

My favorite cookie designer in the world has topped herself again!! These MAGNETIC POETRY KIT COOKIES by Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie are to die for. If you want to see incredible creativity with cookies/sweets, than you need to add this site to your favorites!

A comfort food disguised as an amazing dessert? Yes, it is the MEATLOAF DINNER CAKE by Veeda, White Lotus Cooks ! I call dibs on the crispy shallots.

I want to work in this office if this is the birthday cake I could expect:

As if I needed another reason to play one of my favorite board games, Caroline from When Adobo Met Feijoada made meyer lemon sugar 'letter's for her SCRABBLE COOKIES submission.

TWISTED BREADSTICKS by Jennifer of Bread + Butter stuffed this sough with cheese! This is my idea of a happy snack.

WHOLE WHEAT SOFT PRETZELS by Lori of Fake Food Free already loved pretzels but once she learned of their association with Lent, she knew they would be a part of this Easter season.

For the rest of the Round-Up, head over to Tangled Noodle


Tangled Noodle said...

Congratulations to all of our participants! These are all such fantastic creations - I'd love to a bite of each and every one of them (even Phyllis' durian dessert!) 8-D

Thank you for being such a great co-host!

Office Chiar said...

Yummy thats Great i love eating words,
Congratulation to all your Participants really amazing creation, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY 2010

Anonymous said...

Awesome creations! So glad to be part of the roundup!

Chic Cookies said...

I would so not want the job of judging! These are amazing!!!!

Smita Srivastava said...

All the entries are amazing , i'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful event !!!

Jenn said...

Such creativity from so many. Nice!!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Wow, these are so very, very cool! I'm so happy I could be a part of this roundup. :-) I'll be sharing it with everyone I know in all ways possible!


Daily Spud said...

I need to set aside an entire afternoon to take a good ol' look at all of the fabulous entries - truly impressive!

Jeanne said...

All of the entries are very creative! Thank you for hosting, this was such a fun challenge!

Nachiketa said...

Awesome round up...

Thanks for hosting this creative Challenge.
The Variable - Nachiketa
Crazy Over Desserts - The Variable, Nachiketa

Deeba PAB said...

YAY, fun fun fun! I loved the theme and am blown away by all the creativity! Well done you two! Thanks for hosting this beautiful event!!

Joanna Sutter said...

I love this! And I love playing with my food! I'm inspired to have some fun in the kitchen!!!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Holy cow! I am blown away by the creativity expressed here! Such amazing challenge entries this year, I am honored to be in such magnificent company. This is truly spectacular! Thanks so much for hosting this again, Jenn. Its one of my most favorite events!!

Congrats to everyone!!! :)

Lori said...

What a round up! So glad I could be a part of it. That scrabble board is incredible!

DailyChef said...

I love the creativity and the art!

Phyllis said...

Loving the 'subliminal' message in the scrabble board!! Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge, it got me to finally face my fear of buying a durian!

Veeda said...

I love all these creative entries! Thanks for hosting this contest, it was so fun to have an excuse to play with food.

Fuji Mama said...

What an amazing number of incredible entries! I think I need to start thinking about my entry for next year... :D

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